From the Desk of Michael Yoell, CEO, Core Security Solutions

Legalization brings a new set of guidelines, rules and oversight requiring cannabis providers to follow City/State security and safety protocols.

The management team at CORE Security Solutions consists of highly trained and experienced law enforcement professionals with over 60 years of collective experience in close protection and investigative backgrounds – all fully capable of handling security for cannabis dispensaries, large and small.

What follows is the first in a series of blogs all featuring Best Security Practices at Cannabis Dispensaries collected from years of our professional experience.

A Q&A of Best Security Practices

Q: What makes for top security at a Cannabis Dispensary?

A: First and foremost, a written security plan must include the protection of all your assets: employees, facilities, patients and recreational clients. As the legalization of cannabis opens new doors for entrepreneurs, the regulation of dispensaries will be a top priority for state and local municipalities.

Q: Does your security plan extend beyond the confines of your dispensary facility?

A: It should. Don’t forget your neighbors. People residing and working in the vicinity of a cannabis dispensary operation will want assurances that their own safety and businesses are guarded against any crime and blight issues that could possibly occur.

Q: How important is the physical location of your cannabis dispensary?

A: When looking at an overall security plan you must analyze the various safety and security threats that are significant to your facility. The neighborhood is a good place to start when looking at potential threats.

Q: Other than locks on doors and windows, how do you keep unwanted visitors out of your facility?

A: Engage a security professional to evaluate the vulnerability of your facility is a good place to start. CORE Security Solutions experienced team can help you developed that part of your security plan. A quality video surveillance system with night vision and motion activation is a great way to minimize risk and double as an alarm system.

Q: Are you prepared to keep your product from walking out the door due to theft?

A: Not unless you’ve instituted a loss prevention system by coordinating POS with RFID tags. Such a system makes it easy to locate missing products and detects when employees are bilking the dispensary owner.

Q: How can you make your Security Plan a living document?

A: Prepare and frequently update your plan – and don’t forget to include adequate staff training conducted on a consistent basis. This ensure protocols and procedures are followed in the event of a security incident or emergency. Be prepared.

Q: What other services does CORE Security Solutions provide?

A: To name a few, uniformed armed/unarmed security services to California cannabis dispensaries and secure cannabis and cash transports throughout California utilizing retired law enforcement officers. The management of CORE also offers executive protection, asset protection and security, first aid and first responder training services.