Security protocols help to provide safe work environments and protecting assets. With the legalization of cannabis cultivation, transportation, manufacturing and retail distribution, the installation of a high quality surveillance system is a must. In this installment of our blog we will review how a state of the art video surveillance system can assist in lowering risk.

Cannabis operators are no strangers to the inherent security risks of growing, manufacturing or transporting product. A major challenge for outdoor cultivators is protecting acres of plants under security guidelines that often restrict the use of armed security personnel for outdoor grows. A quality video surveillance system with night vision and motion activation is a great way to minimize risk and double as an alarm system.

One of the rising stars in high-quality video surveillance is Live Guard, which utilizes infrared motion detectors and 24/hour centrally monitored stations. When activated, live-feed video provides clear identification of trouble, giving Live Guard personnel immediate ability to verify a threat and react. Site protocols will elicit a call to on-site security, the local police, or a responsible authority within seconds. The same type of surveillance system is ideal for indoor facilities, dispensaries and transporters.

The cost of developing and maintaining a cannabis operation is expensive, but the installation of a quality surveillance system will save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. An inexpensive and unreliable surveillance system will not provide the quality pixilation necessary to identify individuals, vehicles and product. Inevitably, a cheap system will have to be replaced sooner than later.

Look for installers with quality, high pixilation cameras, solid warrantees, and monitoring stations located in the US. Many monitoring stations are located outside of the US and this can cause delays in reporting and emergency response.