5 Steps To A Security Plan

Security priorities change from business to business. For example, a cannabis dispensary has vastly different security protocols than a construction site. The question becomes how do you choose the security plan that is right for your business?

Core Security Solutions founder and Managing Partner Michael Yoell brings over thirty-five years of law enforcement and security experience in assessing the needs of our clients. Michael personally provides all of our security clients with a comprehensive security assessment for each business. In our first installment of the Core Security blog, Michael breaks down 5 key elements to a quality security plan.

Step 1: Threat Assessment

When looking at an overall security plan you must analyze the various safety and security threats that are significant to your facility.  The surrounding area is a good place to start when looking at potential threats.

For example, what is the pedestrian and vehicular traffic around your facility and how might that impact the safety of your clients and staff? What types of crime are prevalent in your area? Do you have a security plan for your vendors and transportation staff when entering or leaving your facility?

Step 2: Vulnerability Assessment

How secure is your facility? Have you engaged a security professional to evaluate the vulnerability of your facility? What surveillance, alarm and physical security measures will mitigate your risks?

Step 3: Risk Assessment

Once all the data has been collected the next step is to develop an overall risk assessment, out of which a Risk and Mitigation Plan should be developed to address potential security and safety risks.

Step 4: Implementation

A fully developed security plan will include recorded surveillance, alarm systems, physical armed/unarmed security, secured areas/rooms/vaults, security countermeasures, incident response protocols, reporting, notification & response procedures.

Step 5: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

Prepare and frequently update your SOP’s and ensure that adequate training is conducted on a consistent basis to ensure protocols and procedures are followed in the event of a security incident or emergency. Be prepared.

If you are looking to get to the ‘core’ of your security measures for your facility Core Security Solutions, Inc has the experience and track record to keep your facility safe and secure. Contact us via email at info@core-ops.com or give us a call at (510) 625-1505.